Your Online Presence Matters

Customers use online sources such as Google, Yelp, Instagram and Facebook to discover new and existing businesses. Without an online presence, your business has no chance of competing with competitors. An online presence is essential to increase your company’s visibility and profitability. It also builds brand recognition and relationships with your customers. Create your online presence to show up online and engage with consumers.

Rank Highly on Online Search Engines

With a quick Google search, your business should show up on the first page of Google. Using strategic SEO strategies, you can optimize your Google ranking. The hire your website ranks, the more Google prioritizes it in search. According to Moz 71% – 92% of website traffic occurs on the first page, whereas the second page only captures 6% of all clicks. 

Use Social Media to Engage with Consumers in a Relatable Way

Social media platforms such as Yelp, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter build customer relationships. Customers like to engage with brands they relate to. When creating your business’ brand, it should be consistent, relatable and touch people emotionally. According to Forbes, “when treating your brand like it’s a person, it’s easy to pull out the small nuances that will create quick connection. You will begin to identify what attracts people to your brand and then build upon what makes them fall in love with you.” Your brand should convey who your business is, its vision, mission and core values.

Create Effective Ads to be Found on Social Media

Google, Yelp, Facebook and Instagram ads can help your business attract new customers daily. When running ads, you have the option to tailor them to your specific target market. This includes age, demographics, location, interests and more. Spend your ad budget wisely by specifying your target market. By specifying your target market, you can ensure your ad budget is spent on people that are relevant and maximize new client conversions. The good part about running ads on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram is you can gain a lot of exposure with little money. Run ads for as low as $5/day and see tremendous results.

Hire a Social Media Manager to Manage Your Online Presence

When running a business, focusing on how you show up online can be time consuming. In this situation, someone who has the knowledge and experience to advertise and run your online presence can be a tremendous value. Social Media managers should already know the best practices when posting online, running ads, sending out emails, and creating a website that will show up first. This will help your business gain the exposure necessary to keep your business top-of-mind. Feel free to contact me at for a free consultation. Let’s grow your business together!

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